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We are one of the largest PV module reseller & surplus liquidator in the nation

We supply top quality PV panels, inverters, mounting hardware and other solar products to solar integrators and other qualified solar contracting firms.
Additionally, to complement our distribution and integration businesses, Aten Solar offers a full portfolio of solar project support services including project development and financing.

We have taken professional talent in solar distributing, large manufacturing companies & solar integration in order to provide the best solar distributing site in America. As a team, we are excited to change the face of renewable energy and our mission is to always be available to help anyone who needs help in this new and burgeoning industry.

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Neo Solar Power inaugurates 200 MWp Taiwan solar module fab

26th June, 2017
This article is further evidence that mono high efficiency panels will prevail in the future. The confluence of automation and AI has yielded fully automated factories to be the standard (listen up So

Tesla moves one step closer to Solar Roof deployment

23rd June, 2017
UL certified the product last week, which should allow Elon Musk to keep his promise to roll the product out this summer. Receiving UL’s Class A certifications should allow Solar Roof installations

Rick Perry’s plan to kill funding for wind and solar power

22nd June, 2017
Energy Secretary Rick Perry is cooking up a case to stifle further federal support of renewable wind and solar energy. He’s ordered a suspiciously sourced staff study that is aimed to paint renewabl
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