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We are one of the largest PV module reseller & surplus liquidator in the nation

We supply top quality PV panels, inverters, mounting hardware and other solar products to solar integrators and other qualified solar contracting firms.
Additionally, to complement our distribution and integration businesses, Aten Solar offers a full portfolio of solar project support services including project development and financing.

We have taken professional talent in solar distributing, large manufacturing companies & solar integration in order to provide the best solar distributing site in America. As a team, we are excited to change the face of renewable energy and our mission is to always be available to help anyone who needs help in this new and burgeoning industry.

Here is a collection on articles of strong importance to us. Enjoy and please reply for active dialogue!

Whisper Valley & BASF, Another Partner of EcoSmart introducing the HP+ Wall System

12th February, 2015
The second link shows the announcement of BASF also at the IBS 2015. BASF is another Strategic Partner of EcoSmart introducing the HP+ Wall System. The BASF announcement was presented in front of the

Whisper Valley in Austin-Interview with Taurus's development with Bosch

12th February, 2015
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QbvjrqTsOGg Use the first link to watch an interview of Ron James, President of Green Builder Media with Mike Mansuetti, President of Robert Bosch USA and Prof. Lorenz

Press Release

2nd February, 2015
Aten Solar Partners With ESS & Bosch For Taurus Whisper Valley Development Project
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