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We are one of the largest PV module reseller & surplus liquidator in the nation

We supply top quality PV panels, inverters, mounting hardware and other solar products to solar integrators and other qualified solar contracting firms.
Additionally, to complement our distribution and integration businesses, Aten Solar offers a full portfolio of solar project support services including project development and financing on solar module bulk purchases.

We have taken professional talent in solar distributing, large manufacturing companies & solar integration in order to provide the best solar distributing site in America. As a team, we are excited to change the face of renewable energy and our mission is to always be available to help anyone who needs help in this new and burgeoning industry.

Do you have solar equipment to sell?  Whether you have 10 pallets or 1,000– it doesn’t matter – Call us! 

 In Stock & Ready to Ship:

6,322 pcs of Q-Cells 395's (72 cell Mono Perc Half Cell (Q Peak Duo L-G5.2)) Ex, NJ 

687 pcs of JA 345's  (72 cell Poly JA7209) (Available March 2020, NJ)

702 pcs of JA 340's  (72 cell Poly JA7209) (Available April 2020, NJ)

3,172 pcs of GCL 375 Bi Facial  (72 cell Mono GCL  M6/72DH 1500V) (Available April 2020, NJ)

551 pcs of GCL 380 Bi Facial  (72 cell Mono GCL  M6/72DH 1500V) (Available April 2020, NJ)






Check out our home page or email us for the latest surplus inventory report. 


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Coronavirus could cause solar panel price spike

4th February, 2020
The coronavirus outbreak in China could raise solar module prices in the near term as manufacturers have already begun experiencing wafer and solar glass shortages. Production rates are also being aff

The Day After Tomorrow-Can Renewables Save Us?

30th October, 2018
The disaster film epic, The Day After Tomorrow™, depicts a world where global warming triggers an abrupt climate change, creating a global superstorm that unleashes unimaginable worldwide weather di

Falling Prices?

27th August, 2018
As I see it panel pricing is falling due to an oversupply in the marketplace, lethargic demand in Q1 and projected manufacturing efficiencies from the big tier 1 manufacturers from this year and beyon
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