Aten Solar provides solar integrators and EPC firms with highly-vetted, Tier I solar modules at wholesale prices combined with exceptional customer support. Beyond offering industry-leading prices, we are dedicated partners that make all aspects of module selection, sourcing, warehousing and site delivery seamless for your projects.

Our Services Include:

  1. Procurement of premium solar modules at wholesale prices
  2. Managing logistics services including product warehousing and site delivery
  3. System engineering and independent reporting that meet financial industry standards

Your Industry Experts:

Combining over 70 years of solar industry experience, our highly experienced team is dedicated to simplifying the complexities of solar product procurement. We provide EPC firms with seamless delivery of high-quality solar products at industry-leading prices. Put simply, we promise to be your most valued procurement partner.

  • Founded in 2005, Aten has partnered with more than 300 loyal clients in the procurement and delivery of high-quality project components
  • Our team has supplied more than 2 GW of project components to 5,000 projects across the United States and throughout Latin America and the Caribbean
  • Aten has experienced 25% annual growth from 2014-2019 and we are on track for 2020 to be our most productive year ever

Our Promise: to be your most valued procurement partner.

Do you have solar equipment to sell?  Whether you have 10 pallets or 1,000– it doesn’t matter – Call us! 


In Stock & Ready to Ship

 1,296 pcs of Znshine 380's (72 cell Mono, ZXM6-72-350 (1500v) (Available NOW 2020, NJ)

6,270 pcs of Znshine 395's (72 cell Mono, ZXM6-72-350 (1500v) (Available July 2020, NJ)

2,722 pcs of GCL 375 Bi Facial  (72 cell Mono GCL  M6/72DH 1500V) (Available NOW 2020, NJ)

551 pcs of GCL 380 Bi Facial  (72 cell Mono GCL  M6/72DH 1500V) (Available NOW 2020, NJ)

3,294 pcs of JA 390's  (72 cell Mono JA  7209 1500V) (Available NOW 2020, NJ)

380 pcs of JA 380's  (72 cell Mono JA  7209 1500V) (Available NOW 2020, NJ)

2,619 pcs of Trina 335's  (72 cell Poly PE14A 1500V) (Available NOW 2020, NJ)


Check out our home page or email us for the latest surplus inventory report. 


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