Project Engineering & Reporting

There are several important details for developers to consider before undertaking a solar energy development project or even starting to formulate a solar design. Of paramount importance are factors such as: optimizing the plant design based on environmental and structural factors, maximizing sunlight exposure and minimizing installation expenses.

Along with our partner Clean Energy Associates, we act as critical owner’s engineering support to provide trusted and unbiased engineering services. We ensure construction services are properly scoped, priced, managed, audited, and verified throughout the planning, construction and certification phases. Additionally, we provide clients with complete solar system production modeling to optimize Levelized Cost of Electricity, system production and construction parameters.


About CEA

Clean Energy Associates (CEA) provides technical and financial due diligence and engineering services around the globe. Their clients include financial institutions, project developers, utilities, EPCs, IPPs, and PV power plant owners. From CEA's base in Asia, their team of engineers travel to factories around the globe to conduct upstream in-factory quality assurance via audits, production monitoring and pre-shipment product inspection. From their U.S. base, CEA's engineering team provides system design, energy forecasting, IE/OE, product benchmarking, and supply chain services. Downstream, CEA audits projects through the full cycle, including design, construction, commissioning, project performance, re-power and upgrade analysis, and warranty support. They serve the solar and energy storage sectors through our expertise in PV modules, racking, inverters and Lithium-ion battery systems. Since 2008, CEA has reduced Buyers’ risks and improved returns on investments via technical assurance and engineering services covering more than 55 GW in over 55 countries.

We Deliver: Trusted, unbiased engineering services.

Our trusted, unbiased engineering services include:

  • Owner’s Engineering
  • Module production/manufacturing inspection and audits
  • Third Party Onsite Quality Assurance/Quality Control
  • Independent Engineer Reports
  • Conflict Support System
  • Commissioning Verification