Falling Prices?

This entry was posted on August 27, 2018 by Yousri abdou.

As I see it panel pricing is falling due to an oversupply in the marketplace, lethargic demand in Q1 and projected manufacturing efficiencies from the big tier 1 manufacturers from this year and beyond. This is very much a commodity market with very little buyer preference for brand and quality vs price.  The one variable that matters to some customers is availability and if you have inventory that can ship right away that gets a premium in terms of pricing.  Most suppliers are unwilling to even quote beyond Q4 not having guidance as to what the pricing trends will look like.

My own take is that pricing will stabilize at current levels and I would not be surprised if prices firmed a bit as current surplus is exhausted and as the cell and ingot suppliers cut back supply to hold pricing.  Also the power classes will increase so that 350W 60 cell and 300W 60 cell will be considered standard product.  Sub-standard product will be sold at a discount and higher efficiency product at a premium.