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At Aten Solar, we choose our manufacturing partners based on their match to our high standards of quality, design, functionality and performance. Aten Solar has developed strong, key strategic partnerships with a select group of premium solar PV products manufacturers. We price our module not to market, but rather to our acquisition price of each inventory. Therefore, you will see that we offer the best value on bulk purchases.The pricing is EXW and is available in minimum quantities as shown on our current inventory.Inventory shown is subject to prior sale.

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REC Solar TP335W Solar Panels 72 Cell Poly, Grade B
GCL Solar 330W Polycrystalline Silver Frame Solar Module
GCL Solar 325W Polycrystalline Silver Frame Solar Module
Hanwha Q Plus L G4-2 340 Poly 72 cell.
GCL Solar 335W Polycrystalline Silver Frame Solar Module
First Solar 107.5W PV module, 500 pcs on Clearance!
First Solar, 105 Wp in large quantities, excellent hot weather properties.
0/4.99 W Positive Tolerance Bloomberg Tier 1 Rated for Q3 2018