Spun off from Samsung Electronics in the early 90’s, S-Energy is a PV module manufacturer based out of Korea. With more than 20 years of experience, S-Energy has been leading the industry as one of the oldest companies in the solar sector. Backed up by the company’s know-how, built up over the years, S-Energy product quality speaks for itself. With exceptional customer service and a profitable history, S-Energy’s bankability has been acknowledged by numerous banks, investors, and customers throughout the US. S Energy Panels have a 10 year workmanship warranty and a 25 year linear warranty on all black mono modules that guarantees at least 80.7% power output by the 25th year.
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S-Energy 300 watt 60 cell all black on black mono (triple black) PV modules, 40 mm frame, model # SN-300N-10
S-Energy 360 watt 72 cell all black on black mono (triple black) PV modules, 40mm SN-360M-10