PVSyst is a powerful energy modeling software. It has been widely regarded as the standard for bankable yield projections of commercial and utility scale projects since the industry began rapid growth in the early 2000s. PVSyst can model all types of PV systems with module and inverter parameters specific to the actual products used on a particular project. Although PVSyst is not used to generate array layouts, it can be used to model shading from real obstructions through integration with SunEye, or by 3D modeling.

At Aten Solar, we use PVSyst for simple energy yield estimates that allow us the ability to adjust thermal, shading, optical, and other parameters without limitations to fine-tune the model before  actually building it. This flexibility that PVSyst provides is an asset that allows for sophisticated modeling so that we can best recommend layout, modules and other systems balancing that is appropriate for your project.