PVWatts is a popular web application for estimating the energy production of a grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system. PVWatts allows for in-depth analysis through modeling  to determine the likely output of a system prior to implementation. At Aten Solar, we use this tool primarily when selecting PV panels. Using PVWatts ensures that our clients get the top producing modules available in the market. Our mission is to not only sell you modules at the lowest DC price per watt of power, but also to compare that figure directly to your cost per kilowatt hour. We do this because most utility companies will bill per kilowatt hour, and presenting the data this way allows you to directly compare your new system with your current cost structure and expenses for power. Precision tools like PVWatts makes all this possible. Let us show you how we can design your perfect system using PVWatts and other great modeling software.