Reasons To Go Solar

Reasons To Go Solar
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Financial Benefits

  • Through advances in technology and local government rebates, solar energy is now a smart financial investment. The current solar energy rebate cuts the cost of system by more than half, making it the best time ever to buy solar. Solar energy not only protects you from rising electricity costs, but also increases the overall value of your home. Solar pays off now and over the long-run.

Environmental Benefits

  • The use of solar energy is among the largest impacts an home or business owner can make on protecting and preserving the environment now and for the future. By using solar energy, we reduce air emissions of particulates, carbon dioxide, and other harmful elements resulting in lower greenhouse gases, reduced acid rain, and lower smog levels.

Dependable and Secure Electricity

  • All of our systems and the installation are guaranteed and include comprehensive warrantees. Each solar panel is guaranteed to work for 20 years! And there are several reports of older solar models working as long as 40 years. Our solar energy systems are highly dependable, amazingly durable (able to withstand hurricane type winds and large hailstorms), and a reliable source to deliver clean electricity to you and your family.

Energy Independence

  • Instead of renting electricity from the utility company, with solar energy you own the electricity you produce. Electricity rates have been raised just over 38% in just the last year, and rates are increasing at almost 10% per year. Be your own power company and avoid these constant rate hikes.

Net Metering Laws

  • Ever wanted to spin your electricity meter backwards? Now you can with solar energy, and if you decide to purchase a larger system, you can even sell electricity back to the utility company at near retail price - guaranteed.

Be an Example

  • Enjoy the personal satisfaction of being the first on the block to own a solar energy system, enjoying a new technology, and helping to create the solar energy market at the same time helping the environment.