Solar is at the forefront of the renewable energy movement and developers across the globe have already begun integrating solar design into their new projects.

There are several important details for developers to consider before undertaking a solar energy development project or even starting to formulate a solar design. Our consulting services consist of:

  • Helping developers choose the optimal solar design and installation site based on structural factors, maximizing sunlight exposure, and minimizing installation expenses.
  • Providing clients with complete solar system production modeling that takes price per delivered watt, production, warranty, bankability and load data into consideration.


Early solar design processes were traditionally undertaken manually. They required large teams of surveyors and engineers to physically inspect the premises, collect data, digitally model the data, and then get results to the client. Aten Solar is changing all of that.

We have streamlined solar design for both individual and corporate projects. We not only have the best professional talent in the solar industry today, but also have close connections to distributors and large manufacturing companies. The integration of all these pieces has allowed us to create the best solar distributing site in America. As a team, we are excited to change the face of renewable energy. Our mission is to be available always to help anyone in this new and burgeoning industry.